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Detox delivery: Our commitment is to provide you with the freshest possible product at all times. Live, fresh juice must be treated with the utmost care and diligence in preparation.

With our commitment to quality, our policy is that all cancellations or changes must be received no less than three (3) calendar days before the delivery date. Example: If the delivery date is on Monday, any changes or cancellations must be requested by Friday at 3pm to avoid losing your fee. No refunds OR credits will be issued after this period.

Participation in events: Cancellations of event registrations must be received no later than two calendar days before the start date. Example if event date and time is Saturday, 10am, any cancellation must be requested by Thursday at 10am to avoid penalty. Otherwise no refunds OR credits will be issued.

Telephone Orders

For the fastest possible service it’s best to order or register online, but please feel free to call as well. Call us at +33 06 71 48 24 01.


After ordering, you will receive an automatically generated email confirmation that also acts as your receipt.