Nutritious and delicious

Plant-based foods are essential for good health, and juicing extracts the essence from plants and delivers it in liquid form.

Lots of us grew up being told to eat our greens, so veggies got an undeservedly bad reputation. Fruits are more popular, but the chances are that your kids might be more tempted by a bar of chocolate than a banana.

To help turn around those outdated prejudices and unhealthy habits, we choose and blend ingredients that make juices that aren’t just nutritious – they’re totally delicious.

Because you are what you eat, and we want you to be the best, we only use the best ingredients

Nutritious ingredients

  • Our juices contain pure goodness and no nastiness – they’re made from seasonal, local, organic and pesticide-free fruits, vegetables and herbs.
  •  Our 3:1 veg/fruit ratio controls the glycemic index of all our juices and make sure their pH balance is in tune with yours.

Delicious juices

  • We blend complementary ingredients to produce unique flavours and delectable textures.
  • We select ingredients for specific sensations: refreshing or soothing, warming or cooling, energizing or restoring.
  • Herbs, spices, superfoods and plant essences add natural zest, tang, a lift or even a kick to our juices.

Vegetables: the heart of nutrition

Vegetables contain no fat and are rich in essential vitamins and minerals:-

  • Dark green leaves strengthen bones and are folate-rich, helping protect you from cardiovascular disease.
  • Root vegetables absorb minerals and nutrients from the soil and increase energy and stamina.

Fruit - don’t go bananas!

  • Although fruits taste great, many have a high sugar content and can be slightly acidic.
  • In small quantities their antioxidant qualities and gentle sweetening properties are incredibly useful, so we use a variety of berries, pears and apples.

Herbs and spices jazz things up!

  • Herbs and spices like cinnamon, cayenne, basil, cloves, and coriander power juices with extra flavour and have been used as remedies in ancient and modern medicine.
  • Their healing abilities are wide-ranging include antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer properties.

Superfoods - yes, they are!

  • Plants like wheatgrass, spirulina, hemp, maca and raw cacao are rich in phytochemicals that can strengthen your immune system and help you fight disease.
  • Nuts are packed with vitamins, minerals and fibre; Brazil nuts contain selenium, which may provide protection against cancer, depression and Alzheimer’s disease.