Pure juice is…

  • Nourishing

    Although eating fruit and vegetables is beneficial, drinking their juices is a more effective way to extract such micro-nutrients as vitamins, minerals, enzymes and chlorophyll that may not be digested as the body processes other foods consumed at mealtimes.

  • Cleansing

    Using juices as a meal replacement can allow the digestive system to rest and release toxins that may be stored in body’s tissues, organs and alimentary canal.

  • Healing

    Certain fruits and vegetables contain substances with specific healing properties. These include:-

    • antibiotics
    • anticoagulants
    • anti-hypertensives
    • anti-inflammatories
    • diuretics

    Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and substance abuse can lead to deposits of toxins in the healthiest of bodies, and juicing regularly can reduce their effects and replace lost nutrients.

  • Energising

    Digesting solid foods is slow and energy-intensive, while juicing can deliver nutrients into the bloodstream without taxing the body’s resources.

  • Rejuvenating

    The anti-ageing effects of antioxidants contained in a wide range of fruits and vegetables is well-documented and based on extensive research.

    In addition to the benefits of hydrating and moisturising the skin and internal tissues from within, juices contain phytonutrients that help slow the breakdown of connective tissues such as collagen.

  • Balancing

    Juicing helps ensure optimal pH levels and electrolyte balance, which regulate the nervous system to maintain physical and mental wellbeing.

Some juicy gossip…

Suzanne Gamache

I followed Barbara’s one-week juicing detox plan. It was an incredible experience, full of surprises. One of the first surprises was that I wasn’t hungry! The juices were so nourishing and delicious that following the program was really quite easy. Barbara was a great support throughout the process, which made the experience all the richer.

Suzanne GamacheHolistic Health Practitioner