I’m Barbara, the ‘B’ in BeJuice. Welcome!

I’m an Ghanaian-American-French forty-something based in Nice, France, and I’m a talented juggle-artist – like almost all of you out there, I’m juggling all kinds of stuff and rushing around to keep it all together.

While I’m busy running my life, it’s running on a healthy mixture of fresh juice, yoga, great friends and a wonderful family.

As well as running BeJuice, I work for a hi-tech company, recruiting instructors to save the cyberworld from malicious hackers. My husband and business partner Nicolas and I have a super-bouncy, super-charged daughter, Anaïs, and in my not-so-spare time, I work with a community of yoga and holistic practitioners to deliver well-being projects around Nice and the Côte d’Azur.

About five years ago, I realised that I wasn’t cut out for a quiet life, so I set off in search of a way to balance inner serenity with lifestyle that demands a lot of energy .

First I found yoga, which then led me to realise that if my body is going to be a temple, I need to think about what I was putting in it. My aha! moment came when I did a seven-day juicing cleanse for the first time.  It was just like pushing a reset button – and all it took was drinking fruits and veggies!

 should be doing this” I thought – and that’s how I came to be embarking on a this new adventure with my family, friends, and fellow well-being enthusiasts.

BeJuice has evolved from our wish to spread the joy of juicing to anyone (and everyone) who wants to feel good.

So, I’m juggling even harder and faster with one more juicy ball  – Bejuice, but this time I’m juggling with a little more grace, and a whole lot more juice.