BePure, sip by sip

Because BeJuices are created by cold-pressing fresh, organic fruits and vegetables and contain no additives (not even water), they’re the purest juices you can get. Our juicer uses high-pressure hydraulics to squeeze every available milligram of vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients from our produce, so every sip of BeJuice is  absolutely good for you.

BeJuice cleanses are nutritious meals that come in the form of specially- formulated juices to fill your body with healthy ingredients while giving your digestive system an opportunity to rest – and your system to cleanse itself naturally.

We offer one, two, three, five and seven-day programs all-year round, using delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables from local suppliers. BeSuper brings you the same sublime juices, supercharged with exotic  essences and superfood supplements.

Here’s the low-down on our cleanses, but remember, we’re available to support you before, during and after your program, so if you’ve further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  • What is a juice detox?

    A juice detox is an exclusive diet of fruit and vegetable juices consumed over one or more days. Each serving represents a single meal and, because no solids are consumed, it’s also known as a juice fast.

  • Why detox?

    Detoxing is an opportunity to make a positive, healthy change to your diet and, at the same time, give your digestive system a chance to rest.

    The energizing and restorative effects of a detox are ideal for helping you change lifestyle habits, launch a weight-loss or other dietary program, or to fill your body with delicious, nutritious substances while avoiding less healthy ones. Think of it as a holiday for your body, except instead of going somewhere nice, something nice comes to you!

  • Benefits of a juice cleanse

    The effects of a detox depend on the individual and length of the program. However, every body will  benefit from focused delivery of specific micronutrients contained in professionally-created juice program.

    A rested digestive system, free from solid matter, is perfectly primed to absorb phytonutrients – those found in fruit and vegetables. These degrade easily during traditional processing treatments, so a juice detox is a perfect opportunity to ingest a large amount of  goodness during a short period.

  • How long is a juice detox?

    Depending on preference, your purpose for doing the detox and your health, you can take a juice detox from one to seven days. BePure detoxes are available for one, three and five days – if you’d like to vary this, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help out.

  • What kind of juices do you use?

    We select juices for BePure detoxes according to quality, availability and season, so these may vary.  However, our recipes are formulated to provide five specially balanced, nutritious juices every three hours. In total, the 2,5 liters of juices consumed per day contain nutrients from  5 kg of fruits and vegetables, with no added pulp or water. BePure – pure juice, pure goodness.

  • Do I need to prepare or follow up?

    We provide both consultation and follow-up, as well as telephone or email support during and after the program to make sure you get the best from your BePure detox. When you’ve completed it, we’ll provide you with a plan to get the best from fruits and vegetables and, if you’re looking to get seriously into juicing, we’ll help you choose and source equipment.

  • Will I experience any side-effects?

    We ask for feedback from all our BePure detoxers, and they invariably say how good they feel, how their energy levels are higher, moods lighter and concentration is enhanced. All good things.

    However, changes in diets and habits cause changes in your body, and some people may experience minor side-effects. These include:

    • mild headaches caused by flushing of acidic residues from tissues, or from caffeine/nicotine withdrawal
    • fluctuations in energy as the body adjusts to differences in digestive processes. This may manifest as minor insomnia.

    If you have any allergies, sensitivities, health issues and/or are taking medication, you should consult your physician before undergoing a cleanse of more than one day.  We offer ongoing support during your detox, so please feel free to call or email us if you need to.