Share the goodness

Vegetables and fruits are an essential part of a good diet – and when we bring people together to share a good thing, it’s a lot of fun!!

Enjoy a variety of colorful, delicious juices fresh from the press — and a generous serving of juicing knowledge— when you book us for a juicy event:

  • Cocktail parties

    Freshen up your mixology and dazzle your guests with some custom-pressed juices. Whether you’re serving Screwdrivers or Sundowners, Bloody Marys or Banana Daiquiris, they’ll create more of a stir when the ingredients are fresh.

  • Children’s parties

    They’ll be having so much fun they won’t notice you’ve sneaked some greens into the mix. Juicing is a great way to educate your children about to healthy foods, so serve up some exotic juices and they’ll be drinking up nutrition, botany and geography along with their vitamins and minerals.

  • JuicyFlow® Yoga

    A two-hour invigorating, energising Rajasic Vinyasa Flow yoga practice with teacher Maryam Ovissi, followed by a session with Barbara Basalegete on the use of juices and superfoods to refresh and revitalise your body. Finish up with one of our delicious, super-charged juices. You’ll feel amazing. Join us, and be amazed. JuicyFlow® is available in two fabulous flavours:-

    • Juicy Flow Detox- Rajasic Vinyasa with refueling, antioxidant juices. High vibrations, high energy.
    • Juicy Flow Renew – Yin Yang or YinYasa Flow with healing, anti-inflammatory juices. Good vibrations, slow energy.
  • Retreats

    Sometimes it’s good to press the pause button and give your body and mind an intensive, well-earned rest. BeJuice retreats are an opportunity to recharge yourself nutritionally with a program of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, enhanced with superfoods, herbs and spices. Mix in a little meditation and yoga, and you’ve a recipe for top quality relaxation.

  • Group detoxes

    Just as peer pressure can get you into all kinds of trouble, it can also help you achieve positive results. BeJuice group detox programs use the power of mutual encouragement to reboot healthy habits and break those that are less so.