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    Our community shares a love of healthy living, delicious food and fun events. Come join us!


our international menu of soups, salads, humus and desserts made from locally-sourced, 100% pure vegan produce. Our daily menus include:

Salades Complètes: combining healthy grains, roasted or grilled vegetables, hummus and a rich, flavoursome dressing.

Badawraps: stock up on your five a day with a delicious medley of vegetables dressed and wrapped in a soft tortilla.

Plats du jour: offer seasonal produce and dishes: winter brings stews and curries, spring sprouts and soups; summer salads and, of course, gazpacho!

You can order any of our dishes to go, or for a picnic, in a custom BoomBox.

Badaboom: Salade complet



Sip our selection of delicious drinks, including our home-made jun and komboucha fermented teas and, of course, our daily selection of cold-pressed handmade BeJuice, made with 100% fruit and vegetable juices.

Chill with one of our locally-brewed beers or a glass of vegan biodynamic wine.

While you’re here, feel free to ask Barbara or Nico about our Nutritional Juicing Programs, that use juicing to supplement and enhance nutrition. We can also advice you on the best juicer to use at home or at your business, and put you in touch with a supplier.

Join us our weekly Friday night soirées showcasing international food by local guest chefs. Check our Facebook events for details.


Our handmade Bliss Balls are one sweet sample of Badaboom’s delicious, bite-sized desserts that are full of goodness, containing such natural ingredients as coconut, cacao and cashew nuts — and they’re completely free of unrefined sugars.

Enjoy them or,  perhaps one of our raw vegan cheesecakes, as a treat with lunch or dinner, or as an accompaniment to a cup of single-origin coffee, tisane or organic tea from our selection.

We’re happy to host parties for children and adults and can provide a selection of desserts or a custom-designed cake to give you some dairy-free, low-sugar deliciousness for your special day!

Badaboom: bliss balls