Be Ready: BeCool & BePure

BeCool and BePure launch @ Nice Life Café

Radically refreshing, powerfully purifying

Following the success of our juicing workshops and events at local yoga studios and cafés, we’re delighted to announce the launch of two new product ranges – fresh from our Norwalk® Hydraulic press. We’re proud to be pioneering cold-pressed organic juices on the French Riviera, and our products are designed to reflect and compliment its exotic, beautiful culture.

BeCool Juicetails


BeCool like a cucumber

BeCool Juicetails are a non-alcoholic mixture of cold-pressed fresh juices enhanced with herbs and spices, inspired by the lifestyle and flavours of the Côte d’Azur.

Because our family business is based in Nice, our products to celebrate the tastes and colours of our home town and region; we source local seasonal produce from organic suppliers, so you’ll find the same stuff in our juices that you’ll see in your favourite market.

BePure Detoxifying Elixirs

Fruits and veggies for optimum health

Nutritional benefits!

BePure Detoxifying Elixirs combine cold-pressed juices that are specially selected for their specific nutritional benefits.

Designed for use with a one, three or five-day BeJuice Detox, they’re also available to order separately to supplement your own dietary regimen or as a quick way of restoring and boosting your body’s supply of nutrients, whether after an exercise session or a night out on the town!

How to get them

You’ll be able to order juice packs online for collection at Nice Life Café starting Friday 9 May. We’ll be holding the first of a series of Juicy Hours there on:

  • Friday 9 mai, 17:00-20:00 (map)

You’ll get a chance to sample and order our delicious juices, see a demo of our online ordering process – and meet some cool, friendly people.

I’m looking forward to seeing you!



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