Grenades d'Amour

Say yes to Grenades d’Amour!

Long before the ides of February became a buzzword for restaurants and roses, Roman fertility and purification rituals saw citizens running naked through the streets and whipping each other playfully with goatskin thongs, driving evil spirits from the town and stirring up some much-needed energy in the cold winter months.

So we’re turning up the heat this February with our very first product, designed especiallly for February’s festival of love…

Grenades d’Amour are an aphrodisiac ménage a trois of ginseng, ginger and cardamon, plunged in pomegranate, pineapple and cucumber juices.

They’re sensational

Cool, astringent sensations combine with spicy and exotic tones of  ginger, ginseng and cardamon to refresh and stimulate, simultaneously…


Joking aside, these juices are seriously good for you. A 2012 study showed that drinking pomegranate juice regularly enhances nitric oxide and testosterone levels. This increase in antioxidant and hormone levels is linked with increased libido, enhanced alertness and improved memory.

By adding endurance-enhancing ginseng*, invigorating (and, traditionally, aphrodisiac) cardamon and anti-inflammatory ginger, we’re using chemistry that isn’t just sexual!

Made with love

Better still, Grenades d’Amour are actually made with love. Produced to order, they’re prepared and packaged by hand, and (naturally) contain only pure, fresh ingredients. Because they’re unpasteurised and full of ultra-fresh ingredients, Grenades d’Amour have a very short shelf-life.

To make their journey from our press to your lips as smooth as possible, we’re working with local partners so you can pick your own fresh juice on Valentine’s day.


Place your order before Wednesday 12 February for collection at one of our central Nice locations on Friday 14th February:-

Art Yoga Studio, 4 Rue Massena (info)
SL Epicerie, 17 Rue du Lycée
Nice Life Concept, 15 Boulevard Lech Walesa

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates:-


We’ve put a lot of love into creating Grenades d’Amour, and we’re sure you love them too.



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