Resolution Reboot Compte-rendu

Kale is rich in chlorophyll and calcium

Kale, king of the greens

Last weekend’s Resolution Reboot workshop felt like hanging out at a cozy home with a circle of friends. We got our hands dirty juicing all sorts of vegetables and fruits. Including kale! Yes, we were able to get our hands on these sought-after, nutrient-rich greens in our own Nissa, la Bella. You can find kale (Chou Frisée non pommé). at BioCity, and O Quotidien (depending on stock and season)

Everyone was hungry and excited to learn more about juicing. I provided all the glamorous tidbits such as how to mix ingredients and spices to make great tasting juices – and not-so-glamourous tidbits such as making sure your juicer is always spotlessly clean.

Nutritionist (and Pilates extraordinaire) Ruth Tongue gave the lowdown on what specific fruits and veggies actually do to your body and organs. We learned how fruits and vegetables can help balance our hormones – what we eat is truly medicine, and it is a matter of taking charge of and truly listening to our bodies’ needs – and having fun and making our taste buds happy too!

Enjoying a Be Juice blend of kale, pineapple, lime, cucumber and parsley

Tasting “Be Grace”

So, we got to experiment with Chia seeds, which add some fiber to juices and help keep you trim by curbing your appetite, improving your digestion and preventing sugar-level spikes. We extracted juice from carrots, ginger and limes which we blended with pears and chia seeds, using the magic NutriBullet. The concoction was yummylicious and packed with omega 3 and carotenoids to arm us against cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

While sipping our juices we also wrote out a plan on implementing our intentions for the new year – the Reboot!

January is almost wrapped up, but Bejuice is here to make it easy for you to lead a healthy lifestyle on the Cote d’azur. It’s la Fete de Citron in Menton next month, so we’ll make lemonade from the citrons de Menton. I will be offering the virtues of lemons in a twisty and tasty way! Stay tuned for more!!

A juicy kiss to you all!


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